Dreams Incarcerated

April 6



Robert H. Schuller was born in 1926 in Alton, Iowa. He was ordained a minister in the Reformed Church of America after receiving his Master of Divinity degree in 1950 from Western Theological Seminary. After opening Garden Grove Community Church in 1955, his congregation grew considerably enabling him to purchase a 10 acre piece of land for a new church in 1958. Designed by international architect Richard Nuetra, Schuller’s $3,000,000 sanctuary was complete in 1961. This design of the church allowed Schuller to preach sermons to sitting congregation inside the church, as well as worshipers parked outside the facility. Robert H Schuller has four wonderful children, and one grandson and granddaughter. On June 11, 2009, Dr Robert H. Schuller announced his retirement passing the torch to his eldest son, Robert Schuller. Dr Robert H. Schuller is a spiritually dedicated man who has been respected in his community and around the world. Today we honor his life and thank him for his TruStatement.


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