Intellectual Independence


Born in 1803, Ralph Waldo Emerson was a world renown essayist, lecturer, and poet. Prior to his famous 1836 essay entitled “Nature”, Emerson was seen as the champion of individualism who carried strong thoughts  of social beliefs and religion. Following countless events sharing and expressing his philosophy in Transcendentalism Emerson recited a speech titled “The American Solder”. This was in 1837 and was considered America’s “Intellectual Deceleration of Independence.”  In 1841 he revised and released his first collection of essays called Essays First Series. The second series was released in 1844. His essay subjects covered ideas such as freedom, individuality, reason, and the relationship between the soul and surrounding world. Ralph Waldo Emerson died in 1882 at the age of 78. His work greatly influenced those who followed him.  Today we honor him and thank him for his TruStatement.


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