A life worth Living…

April 2 Quote


Visionary, World Changer, Courageous, Unimaginable Success.

These are few words that come to mind when the world thinks about the revolutionary entrepreneur Vidal Sassoon. Vidal was born to an extremely poor station of society. His Father left his family at the age of two. Being evicted from their flat in London, Vidal’s mother thought it best to relinquish her parental rights and handed Vidal and his brother over to an orphanage. After a short period of time living in the orphanage he ran away to find his Father who lived only a few blocks away. When he found his father he immediately returned him to the orphanage. In the documentary Vidal Sassoon: The Movie, Vidal recall that while watching his father walk away the expression on his face showed that as soon as he left him he already had something else on his mind. Vidal stated “It was at that moment that I no longer loved him”. Vidal’s mother visited once a month as was allowed by the orphanage. He and his brother remained very close to their mother and understood the tough decision she had made. They lived in the orphanage for a total of 11 years until Vidal’s mother remarried. Vidal and his brother had a very close relationship with their new stepfather. At the age of fourteen Vidal’s mother told him in order to be successful he must have a skill or vocation. She shared with him that she had a premonition; and that he would be a hairdresser. Vidal was reluctant to the idea but followed his mother’s advise. He began working at a small shop in the worse part of town as a shampoo boy. Vidal appretised for many years and learned the “trade” under Raymond Bessone. Vidal has often attributed Bessone for being the reason for his success. Vidal determined if he was going to be a hairdresser he wanted to be efficient. In 1954 Sassoon open his first salon in London. Vidal became famous for his hair cuts. Focusing on basic angels has been the staple of his design. He revolutionized the industry with his key phrased “If you don’t look good; We don’t look good”. In 1980 Vidal began production of his product line. Two years latter it was bought by Proctor & Gamble. Vidal remained a consultant through the mid-ninties to maintain the integrity of the product. It goes with out saying that Vidal Sassoon changed the way women look and impacted both the hair and fashion industry in a remarkable way. He will remain a personal inspiration for all those who aspire to succeed. Today we honor him and thank him for his TruStatement.


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