“First Lady of the World”

Skateboarder Dude Hanging Out


Eleanor Roosevelt was born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt October 11, 1884. She was born into the high society of New York Cities elite. She was known as a child to have a very proper demeanor and because of this her father nick named her “Granny”. Eleanor was orphaned by age ten. Her mother died of diphtheria and her father died in an asylum where he was being treated for alcoholism. Eleanor is most widely known as first lady to Franklin D. Roosevelt. During their eight years in the white house during WWII the Roosevelt became one of the world’s most beloved people. Eleanor was a patriot and lead the way to equality for African American’s, Women and Japanese Americans. She was one of the United Nations first delegates and served President John F. Kennedy on the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. Eleanor Roosevelt lived through the tragedy of her parents death, an unfaithful and publicly ridiculed marriage as well as the depravities of world war. None of these things defined her as the women that she was. She used the platform and connections she was privilege with to help the entirety of humanity. Today we honor her life and thank her for her TruStatement.


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