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March 31st Quote

Jesus of Nazareth or better known as Jesus Christ was born to Joseph and Mary of Nazareth. Mary was a young teenage girl believed to be thirteen years of age. Considered a women in traditional Jewish culture Mary was wed to Joseph of Nazareth a carpenter.  Though many believed Mary and Joseph to be of poor stature in society most scholars will agree being a carpenter was a profitable business. Jesus of Nazareth became known as Jesus “Christ” after age 33 when he was baptized by cousin Prophet John the “Baptist” and proclaimed the son of  God. This was common knowledge among the tight knit group of Mary’s family (The first to know of Jesus parental origins Cousin Elizabeth mother of John the Baptist)  and those who had begun to follow Jesus’ teachings (the 12 disciples). The word spread like wild fire that Jesus was not only a prophet but the actual son of God. Jesus spent his short life serving those around him through teaching and healing miracles. Jesus’ quick and vast following of people was the origin of ridicule by religious officials(Pharisee and Sadducee) and the government(Romans). Jesus life ultimately ended by public martyrdom as was prophesied thousands of years before his birth in the Jewish “Old Testament“. Many cultures recognized Jesus as a prophet but only Christianity recognizes him as Christ or Messiah  Jesus’ primary message was that of hope and an attainable heaven, whether here on earth or in the after life. Today we honor his life and thank him for his TruStatement.


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